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Appearance : Clear, deep amber with tones of red an gold.
Aroma : Dried dates, ripe plums, citrus zest oils, rooty notes, vanilla and mocha coffee with raspberry jam, nutmeg and damsons.
Taste : Medium bodied, bittersweet and well-balanced with underlying wormwood bitterness, integrated dry toasty oak flavours and tannins. Fruity with plums, dates, raspberry jam and Christmassy spice
Aftertaste : Fruity and spicy finish with lingering wormwood bitterness.
Overall: More Pronounced wormwood bitterness than many other rosso vermouths with balancing rich fruity and vanilla notes.
ABV : 16%
Country : Italy
Type : Vermouth

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Weight 1700 g
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 35 cm


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