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Hibiki Blender’s Choice is a premium Japanese blended whisky produced by the Suntory distillery. Here is a possible tasting note for Hibiki Blender’s Choice:

Appearance: Clear, amber gold color with a bright shine.

Aroma: A complex bouquet of honey, vanilla, and citrus fruit, with a subtle hint of smoke and a touch of floral notes.

Palate: Smooth and delicate, with flavors of honey and vanilla, followed by a hint of toasted oak, ripe fruit, and a touch of pepper.

Finish: Long and lingering, with a subtle sweetness and a hint of smoke and spice.

Overall: Hibiki Blender’s Choice is a beautifully crafted whisky that showcases the art of Japanese blending. The whisky’s delicate and complex flavors of honey, vanilla, and citrus fruit are balanced by a subtle hint of smoke and toasted oak, adding depth and complexity to the whisky. The whisky’s long and lingering finish and subtle sweetness make it an excellent pairing with seafood, sushi, and other light dishes. Hibiki Blender’s Choice is a perfect choice for whisky lovers who appreciate the unique characteristics of Japanese whisky and enjoy a smooth and delicate drinking experience.


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