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With the depth of a red blend and a fiery bite from whiskey barrel aging, Apothic Inferno is a Red Wine with a Whiskey Soul. Paying tribute to a time-honored craft, this wine has been aged for 60 days in whiskey barrels, creating bold notes of red and dark fruit with layers of maple and spice. It delivers a rich red blend with curious intense taste. Apothic Inferno is first oak aged 2-4 months, then aged an additional 60 days in whiskey barrels to give a unique character to this special red blend. On the smooth, rich palate, it offers notes of ripe red and dark fruit, like blackberry and plum, that combine with layers of maple, vanilla and charred spice on the long, clean finish.


Notes & Review

Nose: A muddled, jammy nose.

Notes of dry oak, moss, stonefruit, and a slight note of high-iron vegetation.

Palate: A full-bodied palate full of cinnamon stick, smoked black tea, stewed tart red berries, blackberry, spiced oak, and a hint of black pepper and flint.

Finish: The palate quickly dies into a quick and straightforward finish where the oak really shines. However, there isn’t much in the finish other than a dry spiced oak, black pepper, leather, and a faint hint of dried blackberry.


At the end of the day, this is a budget wine hands down. However, at a $13 price point, it’s definitely a wine that is worth the price of admission.

The 60 days in the wine barrel does a lot to impart some more bold and dry whiskey flavors into the wine, but don’t expect large swaths of bourbon flavor to be the dominant profile. This is definitely a red wine first, supported by straightforward whiskey notes of oak, spice, and smoked black tea.

For $13, it’s a great budget bottle for regular whiskey drinkers to break out at parties or while hanging out with some friends while having a cigar, but I wouldn’t break it out at a lavish dinner party or other high-brow events.


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