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Compass Box The Story of the Spaniard is a blended Scotch whisky that pays homage to the influence of sherry casks in the production of whisky. The whisky is a blend of malt whiskies from the Highlands, Speyside, and Islay, and is aged in a combination of Spanish sherry casks and American oak barrels. The result is a complex and well-balanced whisky that showcases the rich and fruity flavors of sherry, as well as the character and complexity of Scotch whisky.

The whisky has a deep amber color and a rich aroma of dried fruit, toasted nuts, and honey, with a hint of smokiness. On the palate, the whisky is smooth and creamy, with a complex flavor profile that includes notes of caramel, toffee, raisins, and spices. The sherry influence is especially prominent, with a fruity sweetness that is balanced by a subtle bitterness and a gentle smokiness.

The Story of the Spaniard is bottled at a higher-than-average strength of 43% ABV, which adds to the intensity and complexity of the whisky. It is best enjoyed neat, or with a few drops of water to open up the flavors and aromas.

The whisky pairs well with rich and savory dishes, such as roasted meats, game, and strong cheeses. It is also a great after-dinner drink, and pairs well with desserts that feature dried fruit or nuts, such as fruitcake, bread pudding, or almond tart.

Overall, Compass Box The Story of the Spaniard is a unique and flavorful blended Scotch whisky that showcases the art of blending and the influence of sherry casks in the production of whisky. It is a must-try for whisky lovers who appreciate the rich and complex flavors of sherry-aged whiskies.


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