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Carlo Rossi Dark

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Full-Bodied: Carlo Rossi Dark is typically described as a full-bodied red wine. It tends to have a weighty and rich mouthfeel, with a fuller texture on the palate.

Dark Fruits: As the name suggests, Carlo Rossi Dark often showcases flavors of dark fruits. Expect notes of blackberry, black cherry, and plum, which contribute to its robust and fruity character.

Smooth and Mellow: Carlo Rossi Dark is known for its smoothness. It generally has a softer and more rounded flavor profile, with mellow tannins that provide a velvety texture.

Subtle Sweetness: While not overly sweet, Carlo Rossi Dark can exhibit a touch of sweetness that enhances the fruity flavors. This sweetness helps to balance out the wine and adds to its overall appeal.

Hints of Spice: Some Carlo Rossi Dark wines may have subtle hints of spice, such as black pepper, clove, or cinnamon. These spice notes can add complexity and depth to the wine.

It’s important to note that individual wines can vary in terms of taste, and the specific flavor profile of Carlo Rossi Dark may depend on the vintage and individual bottle.


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