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KI NO BI SEI is a premium gin produced by the Kyoto Distillery in Japan, and is a higher strength version of their original KI NO BI Gin. The name “SEI” means “refined” in Japanese, and reflects the careful selection of botanicals and the meticulous production process that goes into making this gin.

On the nose, KI NO BI SEI has a strong aroma of juniper, with hints of citrus, green tea, and spices. The overall effect is one of freshness and vitality.

Upon tasting, the gin has a smooth and complex flavor, with a perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness. The juniper is still the predominant flavor, but it is complemented by a range of other botanicals, including yuzu, ginger, and orris root. The finish is long and satisfying, with a subtle hint of spice that lingers on the palate.

Overall, KI NO BI SEI is a premium gin that is both sophisticated and refined. Its unique blend of traditional and modern botanicals makes it a versatile gin that can be enjoyed in a range of cocktails, or simply sipped neat or over ice. If you’re looking for a premium gin that offers a perfect balance of flavor and complexity, KI NO BI SEI is definitely worth trying.


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