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Solera Jerez Xerez Sherry Cream González Byass Jerez


The Palomino must destined for Solera 1847 comes from the first press off the continuous presses so as to abtain slightly more structure and body. Following fermentation to between 11% and 12% alc the wine is fortified to 18% alc and then enters the Oloroso solera. An empty space of 100liters is left in the casks so that wine has a large surface area in contact with the oxygen and therefore undergoes complete oxidization. The Pedro Ximenez grape undergoes a strong press similar to olive oil production. The must the begins to ferment although stops at around 7% alc due to sugar stress. At this time the wine is fortified to 15% alc and then enters into the Pedro Ximenez solera. Ater aging separately of more of less 4 years the two grapes varieties are blended , 75% Palomino and 25% Pedro Ximenez. The blend then enters into the Solera 1847 where is will spend a further 4 years.

WineMakers Notes

Solera 1847 shows a dark intense mahogany colour due to the addition of Pedro Ximenez . On The nose aromas of raisins , vanilla , oak and slight hints of hazelnuts. On the palate a delicate wine with a smooth reminder of dates and raisins finishing with touches of caramel and oak and a subtle note of nuts.


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