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Vibe Prem Exotic Lychee is a unique and refreshing green tea blend that features the sweet and floral flavor of lychee fruit. The tea is made with high-quality green tea leaves and natural lychee flavoring to create a smooth and flavorful cup of tea.

On the nose, Vibe Prem Exotic Lychee has a delicate and fruity aroma with subtle hints of floral notes. On the palate, the tea has a mild and refreshing flavor with a natural sweetness that is balanced by the mild bitterness of the green tea leaves. The lychee flavor is subtle yet distinct, adding a delightful fruity twist to the tea.

The tea can be enjoyed hot or cold and is perfect for a midday refreshment or as an after-dinner treat. It pairs well with light snacks and desserts, including fruit salads, pastries, and custards. Overall, Vibe Prem Exotic Lychee is a unique and flavorful green tea blend that is perfect for anyone looking to try something new and refreshing.


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