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Honest, unpainted, on an increased fortress, unfiltered. What else do you want for the money? The bite of young alcohols is certainly felt, but the concept of whisky is not about that. Quite a drink, nice. And in its price segment it is quite difficult to find a more worthy straight-line smoke box.Nose
Open, understandable, at least a little flat, but very honest. Extinguished fire, smoke, nuances of medical motives, a little alcoholic, vanilla, caramel, lemons, yellow apples.
Sweet with a pleasant astringency, the degree of a good bite for the tongue, flat, straightforward. Smoke, zest of lemons, caramel, vanilla, the nuances of the Duchess drink.
Short, quickly fading, due to the fact that the smoky seems more complex than it really is, in the distance is bitterness. Smoke, astringency, burnt branches, malt, vanilla, caramel.

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Weight 1800 g
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